Integrative Care Mastery Home-Study Course: Teaches MT's How to Connect With DC's, Get Referrals, and Professionally Co-Manage Their Care.

Integrative Care Mastery Home-Study Course: Teaches MT's How to Connect With DC's, Get Referrals, and Professionally Co-Manage Their Care.

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Would you like to enjoy greater professional esteem and have a more lucrative practice by becoming certified to have Chiropractors refer patients to you for massage?

Now you can stop worrying about how to do it.

This course teaches you how to connect with DC's so they trust referring patients to you and how to confidently "co-manage" their care like a true professional.

You learn essential spinal, neural, soft tissue principles.

You learn how to consult with and examine referred patients.

You learn how to confidently apply massage treatments to work integratively with their Chiropractic care.

Please Note: This is not another hands-on class so you can feel free to use whatever techniques you like.

Chiropractors are always in need of Massage Therapists in private practice who they can rely on to co-treat patients outside of clinic. This course qualifies you to be the MT that DC's trust sending patients to, far above others.

Should you ever decide to work in a Chiropractic clinic, this course certifies you to qualify.

You can now learn this 21-hour NCBTMC approved home-study course at your own leisure and pace.

Providing clients and patients with massage care that's integrated with their chiropractic treatments not only gives them optimum benefits, it also brings your professional esteem and credibility to a whole new level of satisfaction and success!

Here's What Comes with this Complete Course:

√ Comprehensive Course Manual

Your professionally designed, educationally rich 300-page manual teaches you step-by-step procedures to confidently co-manage clients and patients who are also being treated or referred to you by a DC.

You learn how to confidently consult with patients, examine them, measure and monitor their progress using professional quality SOAP notes, and provide treatments that are integrated with ones DC's provide.

This course gives you ample communication phrases to tell clients every step of the way so you express yourself with professional certainty.

If you plan to work in a Chiropractic clinic you don't want to miss out on the all-important Policies and Contracts section that's dedicated to making sure your needs are protected and met!

√ Complete Video Presentations

Enjoy watching the visually rich videos at your own pace and convenience as they guide you through the important information found in your manual.

√ Two e-books, How to Connect With Doctors and Get Referrals, and How to Professionally Refer Clients. 

These two How-to books teach you the "secrets" to connect with doctors and have them trust referring patients to you and the professional way to refer a client for evaluation when the need arises, ensuring they return to you. They provide you with the exact phrases and forms to use.

√ Over 20 Forms and Letters

Specially designed forms and letters make all procedures easy for you to perform.

√ Your Prestigious Masters In Massage "Graduate Level" Diploma is sure to Impress Clients and Patients.

√ Doctor's Recommendation

Should you apply for a massage position in a clinic, you can have the doctor call Doctor K. to provide you with a reference, placing you far ahead of other applicants.

√ Ongoing support

You stay connected with our community of practitioners and Facebook group, and you can receive personal support through email or even phone us if you need.

√ 21 Hour NCBTMB Approved CE's upon test completion.

Here's an outline of protocols and procedures you learn:

  • Well-scripted communications empower you to clearly and confidently explain differences in the care you provide and patient's chiropractic care.
  • You learn how to connect with doctors and have them trust referring patients to you.
  • You learn about spinal-neural-soft tissue relationships and how they cause pain, spasm, and neurological deficits.
  • You learn how DO's and DC's evaluate and diagnose conditions.
  • Learn the difference between assessments and diagnoses, a critical distinction you should know.
  • Learn how to perform Consultations on referred patients.
  • Learn how to perform professional health history inquiries.
  • Learn how to assess and treat chief complaints.
  • Learn how Chiropractors' treatments and yours work integratively with one another.
  • How to safely and effectively treat sprain-strain/whiplash injuries.
  • When to use hot and cold applications:
    • How to co-manage patients' care using the Three Phases of Care guidelines.
    • How to differentiate clients' Three Essential Massage Needs.
    • How to perform professional Examinations on referred patients.
    • How to perform ROM testing.
    • Learn how to rate soft tissue tone.
    • How to provide treatment that accommodates a doctor's Massage Therapy Rx.
      • How to perform Re-evaluations.
      • Learn how to measure and monitor changes in Clients' Progress.
      • Learn how to provide Progress Reports.
      • Learn how to document progress using a professional SOAP Notes system that is legally compliant and compatible with ones doctors use.
      • Learn the four essential things to include in your treatment plans.
      • This course provides you with important Practice Policies that protect your interests if you plan to work in a Chiropractic clinic.
      • terminology section gives you an extensive list of commonly used words and terms that empower you to communicate like a true professional.

        Frequently Asked Questions about this Course:

        Q: I would like to get referrals from DC's but not sure I care to know how to manage their care.

        A: Massage professionals who learn this information find it highly informative and useful for several reasons:

        • Understanding the relationships between spinal, nervous system and soft tissue work gives you a far deeper educational understanding than other MT's.

        • Learning how to consult, exam, assess, and provide treatments for patients who are referred to you, or on your own clients who also receive care from these doctors, greatly enhances your ability to provide them with integrated care.

          I've honestly never met a Massage Therapists who did not significantly benefit from learning these procedures and knowledge. It boosts your skills and professional confidence in managing these clients' and patients' care.

          Q: Why would a doctor look for qualified integrative Massage Therapists in private practice to refer patients to?

          Here are six  reasons why doctors refer patients to Massage Therapists in private practice:

          1. The doctor doesn't have Massage Therapists working in their office.

          2. Patients often require specialty massage such as oncology, pregnancy, or MLD to name a few, that may not be provided by the MT’s practicing in the doctor's clinic.

          3. Some patients prefer a less clinical or more serene private setting.

          4. Many patients want to avoid the higher cost that clinics typically charge for massage.

          5. Scheduling availability at a clinic may conflict with a patient's schedule.

          6. A patient may prefer seeing an MT practicing in closer proximity to their work or residence.