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Practicing massage in a Chiropractic clinic can be a great way to boost your professional esteem, educational experience, and financial well-being. But it's important that you first become well-qualified to know what to expect and how to integrate your massage skills with what DC's are doing.

Now you can let go of any worries you might have and let this NCBTMB-approved course qualify you to confidently work with Chiropractors.

You can trust this complete training course is the only one of its kind, reliably developed by a Doctor of Chiropractic and two Massage Therapists with extensive clinical and teaching expertise.

Not only does this course fully qualify you to "co-manage" patients' care, it also shows you how to ensure you have a satisfying work experience.

Why not enjoy the opportunities that you get by working alongside DC's in a clinic? Like seeing plenty of patients, working as a team member in a safe and supportive environment, and consulting with the doctor about case studies the way true professionals do.

You Learn These Three Main Skills:

  • Chiropractic principles, spinal-neural-soft tissue relationships, and how to integrate your massage work with them.

  • How to co-manage all areas of patients' care who are also being seen by the Chiropractic doctor.

  • How to clearly communicate with patients about every aspect of their care with you and accurately explain how their massage treatment with you works integratively with their Chiropractic care.

It's critical that you know how to do these three things when working with patients in a Chiropractic clinic:

  • Properly consult with them, examine them, and monitor their progress with you in ways that are aligned with their Chiropractic care.

  • Provide massage treatments that are integrated with patients' Chiropractic care. 

  • Explain the differences between the care the doctor provides for them and their massage care with you, and how the two work together to provide patients with optimum results.

Let's face it, few if any doctors have formal massage training so they do not teach Massage Therapists how to do the important things this course teaches you.

Being both a Massage Therapist and a Chiropractic Doctor, I'm well aware of the problems that can prevent DC's and MT's from working harmoniously with one another.

So I created this course to MAKE SURE that all-too-common misunderstandings which can prevent Massage Therapists and DC's from working together most harmoniously don't happen to YOU!

You can rest assured this course teaches you everything you need to know to ensure you have a satisfying and successful experience working alongside Chiropractors in a clinic.

It places you head and shoulders above other Massage Therapists applying to work in one!

Here's what comes with this course:

√ Your Course Manual

Your professionally designed, well-organized manual teaches you all principles, procedures and communication phrases in a step-by-step easy-to-follow manner.

If you plan to work in a Chiropractic clinic you don't want to miss out on the all-important Policies and Contracts section that's dedicated to making sure your needs are protected and met!

√ Complete Video Presentations

Enjoy watching the visually rich videos at your own pace and convenience as they guide you through the important information found in your manual.

√ Over 20 Forms and Letters

Specially designed forms and letters make all procedures easy for you to perform.

√ Your Prestigious Masters In Massage Certificate.

√ Doctor's Recommendation

When you apply for a massage position in a clinic, you can have the doctor call Doctor K. to provide you with a reference, placing you far ahead of other applicants.

√ Ongoing support

You stay connected with our community of practitioners and Facebook group, and you can receive personal support through email or phone us if you need.

√ 21 Hour NCBTMB Approved CE's upon test completion.

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Course Chapters

Chapter 1  Massage Therapists' Role Working with DC’s.

Chapter 2  Terminology.

Chapter 3  DC's & DO's Practice Objectives & Protocols.

Chapter 4  Massage Therapists Objectives Working Integratively with Doctors.

Chapter 5  The Vertebral Subluxation Complex, Facet Syndromes, Neurological & Myofascial Disturbances.

Chapter 6  Soft Tissue Injury Mechanisms and Treatment:  

Chapter 7  Understanding Three Phases of Care Some DC’s use as Patient Care Guidelines.

Chapter 8  Understanding Patients’ Three Massage Needs.

Chapter 9  Common ICD Listings DC’s Use.

Chapter 10  How to Use the Massage Therapy Rx Form.

Chapter 11  How to Perform Patient Consultations.

Chapter 12  How to Perform a Professional Integrative Exam on Pts Receiving Chiropractic Care.

Chapter 13  Communications Before, During, and After Massage Sessions.

Chapter 14  Keeping Professional Integrative Style SOAP Notes on Patients Receiving Chiropractic Care.

Chapter 15  Critical Do’s & Don’ts Working with DC’s.

Chapter 16  Practice Policies to Ensure You Work Compatible with DC’s.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Course:

Q: I presently practice in a chiropractic office and things seem to run pretty smoothly. How would this course help me?

A: If you're completely satisfied with how things are going in your current setting and you feel like you have a strong command of spinal-neural-soft tissue relationships and you confidently know how to consult with, examine, and treat patients in ways that are integrated with the doctor's care, you may not need what this course teaches you.

But my experience as an MT and DC and having owned and managed several clinics shows that most MT's lack an integrated understanding of the care you each provide, aren't sure how to best treat and manage your patients' care, and don't know how to confidently communicate effectively with patients about their care.

This course also teaches you the principles, procedures and valuable communication scripts that allow you to practice harmoniously with doctors, patients, and staff members.

Q: Will I be hired to practice in a doctor's clinic after taking this course?

A: Although this course cannot guarantee you will be selected to work in a clinic, when you become certified in knowing the information and skills it teaches you, this puts you head and shoulders above others! 

Your personal Letter of Recommendation, your Course Certification, and having Doctor Koplen as a personal reference puts you in a most advantageous position!