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This complete course teaches you how to naturally generate quality referrals and boost your client visits by using advanced client management procedures.

Take your professional skills and credibility to a whole new level as you confidently manage all aspects of your clients' care like a top-grade professional! 

The trusted client management protocols, procedures, and scripted communications are aligned with well-accepted ones that successful DC's and DO's use, now custom-designed for practical application in your massage practice. 

They accommodate whatever hands-on techniques you use.

Scripted materials empower you to know exactly what to say to clients as you clearly and confidently guide their care. Custom-designed forms let you easily and efficiently implement important procedures.

Detailed Outline of What You Learn in This Course


  • What it takes to have a successful practice.
  • What exactly does "client management" mean?

Section One: Evidence-Based (EB) Essentials

  • The easy way to make your practice EB compliant.
  • How to assess clients' three essential massage needs.
  • The eleven EB procedures for managing your clients’ care.

Section Two: How to Perform a Professional Health History Inquiry

  • Important questions to ask and how to evaluate client answers.
  • Important forms to give to new clients.
  • The three important pieces of evidence to gather and qualify.
Section Three: How to Perform Professional Consultations with New Clients
  • The eight-step process for successfully managing your consultation.
  • The "secret" to easily generating quality referrals w/o promoting.
  • How to confidently guide your consultation by following proper protocol and knowing the right questions to ask.

    Section Four: How to Perform Evaluations

    • Three evaluation outcomes.
    • How to manage suspicious findings clients present with.
    • How to determine when to refer a client to a doctor for evaluation.

    Section Five: How to Perform Standard Examinations on Clients

    • Three examination procedures every MT ought to perform.
    • Five steps to performing great exams.
    • Five main objective findings you examine.

    Section Six: How to Take Professional Quality SOAP Notes

    • Confidently document clients' progress using a SOAP Notes system that's legally compliant and aligned with ones that doctors use.
    • Four things your Plan must include to be legally sound.
    • Important things to know about suggesting self-care strategies to clients.

    Section Seven: How to Create Programs of Care for Your Clients

    • What exactly are Programs of Care?
    • Four-step protocol for creating EB Programs of Care with multiple appointments.
    • How to measure, monitor, and manage your clients' progress.
    • How to formulate ROF's and communicate them to clients.

    Section Eight: How to Perform Re-Exams

    • Why re-exams are so important for effectively managing your clients' care.
    • 5-step protocol for performing Progress Re-exams.
    • 7-step protocol for performing Comparative Re-exams.

    Section Nine: How to Manage Reschedules, Recalls & Reactivations 

    • Effectively manage missed appointments, reschedules, and cancellations.
    • How to effectively recall and reactivate clients who drift from care.