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This course teaches you the most advanced client management system found in the massage profession.

Finally, get the respect you've been wanting and give your clients the care they deserve by applying the procedures and communications that empower you to masterfully manage your clients' care.

Learn how to easily apply clinical reasoning and assessment skills to confidently manage all aspects of your clients' care like a true professional.

You'll enjoy reaping the rewards of naturally getting quality referrals and increased client visits without needing to promote.

This fully integrated client management system is easy to apply in your massage practice and accommodates whatever hands-on approaches you currently use.

This is not some passing trend and you will use these time-tested skills throughout your massage career.

The procedures and communication scripts this course gives you are the "golden secrets" to having the professional confidence, credibility, and financial rewards others only dream about.

You get everything you need in this all-inclusive course: forms, manuals, and video presentations guiding you step-by-step through all procedures. 

No additional modules, levels, or follow-ups are required.

Order now and your entire bundle is shipped to you right away free of charge.

Your Course Comes With

  • VIDEOS ⎯⎯ 7 hours of POWER-PACKED video presentations take you step-by-step through all procedures and communication scripts in a clear and easy-to-follow manner.
  • Manuals ⎯⎯ Five how-to manuals supplement your course procedures and communications seen in the videos so you can quickly reference them when needed.
  • FORMS ⎯⎯ 17 Custom forms accompany key procedures.


"I've taken two other of Michael's classes which were great, which led me to take this master class. This client management system has empowered me to feel completely confident in guiding my clients' care every step of the way and get the professional respect I've always wanted. Since using the procedures this course teaches you, I've naturally had so many new client referrals I'm seriously booked out about two months ahead. Thanks Dr. Michael!"
~ Alyson Laurel, LMT

"Thank you Michael Koplen for creating this course that has helped me to be able to verbalize things in such a way that I am now more confident/able to speak on the experience I have acquired. This course also helped me understand a better way to help clients understand the basis of my recommendations based on the phase of care they are in.

Without a doubt this course is worth every penny!"
~Jorge Cruz Saenz

"I admit I didn't learn everything in Michael's course but just using the method he taught for getting quality referrals has changed my entire practice. I used to feel frustrated not knowing how to promote and now I just do what the course taught me and I easily get wonderful new clients."
~Jason F, LMT

“Keep up the stuff about reminding us not to get frazzled over detail but follow protocol and think like a doctor. It was great at putting things together. It was well worth the cost … exactly what I needed.”
~Steven B. 

“Very beneficial, I enjoyed learning how all this fits together so nicely. I would recommend it, it’s valuable in aiding us in organizing thoughts and procedures in an orderly fashion.”
~Eric M.

Course Sections


  • What exactly does "client management" mean?
  • How to qualify your work to clients and why it's so important for you to do.

Section One: Evidence-Based Essentials

  • How to make sure your practice is evidence-based (EB).
  • How to assess clients' three essential massage needs.
  • How to apply the nine foundational procedures successful practitioners use to create a well-integrated client management system.

Section Two: How to Perform a Professional Health History Inquiry

  • How to ask new clients the right questions and evaluate their answers.
  • Which three important pieces of evidence to be sure to obtain.
  • How to qualify and measure clients' subjective complaints.
  • Which forms should you give to new clients?
Section Three: How to Perform Professional Consultations with New Clients
  • Why consultations are your most important time with new clients.
  • Five important steps for performing great Consultations.
  • How to easily get quality referrals – this one "secret procedure" brings HUGE returns without needing to advertise!
  • How to use clinical reasoning to form assessments.

    Section Four: How to Perform Evaluations

    • How to assess three evaluation outcomes.
    • How to manage suspicious findings clients present to you with.
    • How to know when to refer a client for evaluation and when it's safe not to.

    Section Five: How to Perform Standard Examinations on Clients

    • How to perform three all-important examination procedures (besides technique-related ones).
    • Five steps to make sure you perform great exams.
    • Which objective findings to look for when examining clients.

    Section Six: How to Take Professional Quality SOAP Notes

    • How to confidently document clients' progress using a SOAP Notes system that's legally compliant and easy to apply in your massage practice.
    • Four things your treatment plans must include to be legally sound.
    • How to safely suggest self-care strategies to clients.

    Section Seven: How to Create Programs of Care for Your Clients

    • What are Programs of Care are and how do they differ from rebooking & packages?
    • How to use evidence-based clinical reasoning skills to recommend Programs of Care with multiple appointments.
    • How to accurately measure, monitor, and manage clients' progress.

    Section Eight: How to Perform Re-Exams

    • Why Re-Exams are so important for effectively managing your clients' care.
    • How to perform Re-Exams with certainty by following this 5-step protocol.

    Section Nine: How to Manage Reschedules, Recalls & Reactivations 

    • How to manage missed appointments, reschedules, and cancellations.
    • How to recall and reactivate clients who drift from care.