About Masters in Massage

We offer you the most advanced educational standards and client management skills found in the massage profession, empowering you to confidently manage all aspects of your clients' care and naturally enjoy a well-respected and successful massage practice.

Custom-designed by a highly regarded Doctor of Chiropractic and Massage Therapists with years of clinical expertise and teaching experience, you can rest assured you're applying mainstream-accepted standards and well-proven protocols taught to over 3,000 practitioners.

You will continue using these highly valued skills throughout your massage career.

About Michael Koplen, MT, DC

Michael Koplen, fellow Massage Therapist and Doctor of Chiropractic, created Masters In Massage Institute with the mission of teaching Massage Therapists the most advanced client management procedures and communications in the massage profession. He is also a faculty adviser for the American Institute of Medical Massage.

Masters In Massage client management books, courses and workshops empower you to confidently and professionally guide your clients' care so you enjoy heightened professional esteem and practice success.

Michael is a graduate of Emory University, the Boulder School of Massage Therapy, former owner of the Denver Massage Center, Palmer Chiropractic College West honors graduate, and former Practice Management teacher with the prestigious Landis-Ward group where he received a National Practitioner of the Year award.

In addition to his busy teaching and course development regimen, "Dr K" treats patients in private clinical practice in Santa Cruz, California.

About Alyson Laurel, LMT, BS, Contributor

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology and biology, I considered becoming a PT but decided to help people by becoming a Massage Therapist.

That was nearly 30 years ago and I've never looked back! 

Alyson practices at the Jade Mountain Health Center along with a medical doctor, acupuncturist, Rolfer and other massage therapists and has learned from some of the top manual therapy educators.

She brings her years of clinical experience and expertise in massage to Masters In Massage Institute where she provides contributions to client procedural-based communications.

How Dr. K Developed The Masters In Massage Client Management Books and Courses

I first failed in my massage practice.

Like so many other Massage Therapists, I was barely earning a living. Clients told me they loved their massage sessions ... but I still struggled with not having enough referrals and repeat visits.

My hands-on skills were really good, just like yours probably are.

So it puzzled me why it was that if clients loved my work, how come they didn't come back to see me as often as I thought they should? And why didn’t they refer me to others?

What’s more, something else also bothered me and affected my esteem: I didn’t really know clinical reasoning skills, how to assess clients’ situations beyond my basic technique-related alignment checks, and had little if any confidence in truly managing their care.

If you're struggling with similar problems in your massage practice, you're not alone, because the sad reality is that over 95% of Massage Therapists fail to survive or thrive in practice and don’t feel respected enough for their valuable work. 

I sought solutions.

And discovered the biggest reason so many MT’s fail to have the success and professional esteem they yearn for: they mistakenly believe that if their hands-on skills are good enough, clients will naturally return for more care, refer others, and honor their professionalism.

It only seems logical, right?

If clients love your work, they ought to refer others to you and reschedule more sessions.

But I learned this isn’t true.

I tried advertising ... but that didn’t help because it only gave a temporary boost in numbers at best while burdening me with expenses and hassles. What’s worse, it brought in shady characters.

And even if you do get clients through marketing strategies, you still need to know how to get them to come back and refer others, and manage their cavelike a true professional.

Here's the big lesson learned from this: although your hands-on massage skills are at the heart of what you do, and you should keep refining them, they rarely if ever give you the practice success, client management assuredness, and professional esteem you're looking for.

Knowing something else was needed besides learning more hands-on techniques, I looked elsewhere for client management-oriented procedures that aren’t taught in massage schools or even in the massage profession.

Honestly, I looked to Chiropractic educational means to learn clinical reasoning and assessment methods and was mentored by Chiropractors and Practice Management groups in other professions––giving me comprehensive client management skills that integrated with my hands-on abilities.

Once I started applying the client and patient management procedures and communications they taught me, my practice SOARED!

I was soon practicing only three days a week and earning three times the money I needed to live on! I’m not telling you this to impress you, but only to impress upon you how you too can greatly empower your practice success when you apply the right procedures!

My huge success and confidence in managing all aspects of my clients’ care––and knowing that thousands of Massage Therapists keep needlessly struggling in their practices and lack having full confidence in this area––inspired me to organize the key strategies, procedures, and communications into custom-crafted books and courses to share with you so you too can prosper and provide your clients with the best care possible.

Overall, I’ve taught these client management procedures and communications to over 3,000 practitioners.

While no one can make you successful, you can be sure that the books and courses that Masters In Massage offers you give you what you need to enjoy the professional, financial, and personal rewards so many others of us have found.